Welcome to Japanese HPA.

Hope: Success and Growth of HPA around the world!

The purpose of  this website/blog is to try to introduce you information of Japanese Human-Powered Aircraft (HPA). I’m delighted to see the current progress of international HPA movements. I assume the movements include HPA activitys, for example, competition for AHS Sikorsky HPH prize, FAI official “Icarus cup”, BHPFC’s “Lasham rally”, HPA competition in Korea and HPA challenge in Qatar. I offer my best wishes for the continued success and growth of the HPA movements. I’m sure a lot of experience and skill of Japanese HPA builders and pilots will contribute the movements. As you may already know, many HPAs have been developed, built and flown in Japan since the first flight of LINNET1 about 50 years ago. In addition, many HPA builders and pilots have competed on the Japan International Birdman Rally which have been almost annually held since 1977. Some teams have kept trying to break the world records of distance or speed.  But Japanese HPA information written in non-Japanese were not found so much. So I try to write something regarding Japanese HPAs in English. Even though unfortunately I do not have good skills, knowledges and experiences of HPA, I hope this website/blog may be instrumental in contributing the international HPA movements even if only slightly.

Motto: poor English better than Japanese

I assume you already know that I’m Japanese and my English is poor. I’m ashamed to show my poor english and I have trouble using English. (In fact, I have revised this page many times. And it took me more than 12 hours to write this page at the moment.) So I hesitated to start this website/blog. Even so, what’s reason why I start it? Because I understand it is difficult for almost non-Japanese people to understand something written in Japanese. I once had thought it is not very difficult for you to get information of Japanese HPAs written in Japanese. However, I changed my mind when I watched a paper written in other asian letters. The strange letters immediately made me lose my drive to understand the written contents. Since then, I feel that poor familiar language is better than strange languages. I mean, in this website/blog, poor English may be better for almost non-Japanese people than Japanese.


One Comment

  1. Thank you for your website and information. We here in the UK form the BHPFC in 2012 and have been running competitions yearly. As we have not been able to find large sponsors we have sometimes funded these mainly by our own finance; it also seems that we find it more difficult to get Universities in this country to encourage their students as in Japan. The French Bordeaux university takes more interest in their students’ HPA projects, and they have been competing in our competitions twice. You have a great tradition going all the way back to Professor Hidemasa Kimura, who I have had the privelege to meet several times. The BHPFC have slowly gained interest in Europe and we hope to build on that, so that in the end there will be a worldwide organisation for HPAs only. We do watch out for video postings of HPA s in Japan and Korea on Youtube. You can also see many of our videos on our BHPFC website. I also have a youtube site of my own ” Insultantable”. It would be good to keep in touch with each other. Next year we hope to have USA participation in our competition. We are also hoping to have the aircraft “Velair” HPA to compete after it has had some repair work done to it. We do have some new interesting designs which are very successful.My good wishes and congratulations to you.



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