National Air Sport Control of Japan recognized the official governing body of Human-Powered Aircraft in Japan!!

Mr. HAMANO (center) , who is the chairperson of EXAL (EXperimental Aircraft League), is holding an issued certificate of JAA (Japan Aeronautic Association) official human-powered aircraft organization and board members of JAA are around him.

Mr. HAMANO (center) , who is the chairperson of EXAL (EXperimental Aircraft League), is holding an issued certificate of JAA (Japan Aeronautic Association) official human-powered aircraft governing body and board members of JAA are around him on 26 Jan. 2017.


Japan Aeronautic Association (JAA), which is the japanese national air sport control membering FAI, announced that JAA recognized Experimental Aircraft League(EXAL) as the official governing body of Human-powered aircraft in Japan on 21 December 2016. Additionally JAA issued a certificate of governing body of human-poered aircraft to EXAL on 26 January 2017. EXAL have been recognised as the governing body of experimental aircraft in Japan even up to now. Therefore EXAL becomes the official governing body for the former 2 category of air sports. EXAL have not announced officially about human-powered aircraft as the official governing body up to posting this article.

Some amateures of human-powered aircraft in Japan are feeling both anxious and excited. The reconition of the official governing body may make flights or competitions of human-powered aircraft one of official air sports. In that case, it may become easy to attempt setting FAI records or to take place officially new competitions such as BHPFC rally in UK or KARI competition in Korea. On the other hand, it may become difficult to fly human-powered aircraft. A part of amateures have specific concerns. One of the concerns is application of Civil Aeronautics Act for human-powered aircraft as experimental aircraft. For example flights of experimental aircraft governed by the EXAL needs long time, which is known that it is normally several months or more  at first time, for approval of civil aviation bureauunder. The approval is also required when the experimental aircraft is modified. Most of human-powered aircraft needs many modification from initial design through test flights for safyty, stability and controled fllight.If participants of Japan International Birdman Rally are required to gain same approval as owner of experimantal aircraft, participants may have to take huge time, which may be sevral years, to develop and modify their human-powered aircraft. If so, it may be difficult that high performance human-powered aircraft entry the annual japanese birdman rally as well as until now. Especially for students’ team, it may be difficult to develop high performance human-powered aircraft needing consistent development because of frequent change of owner ship of active members including pilot with their promotion or graduation.

Although there are some concerns, I wish that the recognition of the governing body of human-powered aircraft encourages activities human-powered aircraft in Japan to impressively grow.

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