The Flight Exhibition of Human-Powered Aircrafts 2016 was held.

On 27 August 2016, The Flight Exhibition of Human-Powered Aircrafts 2016 was held at Fujikawa (or Fujigawa) gliderport in Shimizu wead, Shizuoka city, Shizuoka prefecture. In this meeting, Two HPAs took into the sky as flight exhibision and were exhibited on the ground after their flights. In addition to the HPA flights, items regarding HPA activities were exhibited. Participants discussed about those exbisions and HPAs in point of view of engineering, operation technique and so on.

Quoted photo from exhibition flight of HPA developed by team Sky project (students' team of Tekyo university). The photo is linked to official blog of the meeting showing the original file.

Quoted photo from exhibition flight of HPA developed by team Sky project (students’ team of Tekyo university). The photo is linked to official blog of the meeting showing the original file.

The HPA flights of this flight exhibision meeting is a brief competition. The competition is scored according to a points system awarded to the team for approprate controlled flight. The controlled flight consists of stability in runing, pitch stability in taking off, stability of height, speed and attitude in flight and controlled and targeted soft randing. Prior to the meeting, some points also are aweard for results of load test and test flights from point of view of safety. In this meeting, two teams entried in the exhibision flight. one of them was Teikyo university team Sky project and the other was Tokai university team TUMPA(Tokai University Man-Powered Aircraft). Finally the Sky project got 533 points and won this brief competition. TUMPA’s HPA, which got 425 points and which was high speed and high manuverability HPA for JIBR HPA timetrial, would be unmatch with the point system.

In items exhibition, several items were provided from several teams. For example, propeller hub for variable pitch propeller, some propeller blades, gearbox, propeller jig and balsa wood seedling were exhibited. The propeller hub were provided by famous team Aeroscepy, which have been aiming at breaking great world record set by MIT deadalus. A team member of the Aeroscepcy gave a explanation of mechanism of the variable pitch hub to many participants from students’ team.

The Flight Exhibision of Human-Powered Aircrafts has been held annualy since 2010 except 2014. All of staffs is volunteer and cost of the meeting was funded by donations. This meeting is a very smaller event than Japan International Birdman Rally (JIBR), which is organized for TV program by YOMIURI TELECASTING CORPORATION. Flyable area of this meeting which is limited in the 850 metre length runway also very smaller than flyable area of JIBR. Of course, audiences of this meeting was less than JIBR. Although this meeting is tiny, it is important event for HPA amatures other than JIBR. The reason why This meeting was planned is that JIBR, which had been held anually since 1977, was not held in 2009 because of effects of global financial crisis. It shocked most of HPA funs who assumed that JIBR 2009 was going to be held. A part of HPA funs planned another occasion for many audiences to watch HPA flights by a number of teams. At last they started this meeting.

Currently one of major intentions of this meeting is to provide HPA teams alternative target to JIBR when they were rejected in applicant screening of JIBR. Many teams, which may be about twenty teams, are rejected in the applicant screening and most of them also have started to build their HPA at the time because of long building time. The rejected teams lost target of their project. Ofcourse they will continue their activity in order to gain know-how of design, building process, training of pilot and HPA operation. But losing their target much impact on motivation of members of the project. Finally the team may give up their HPA activities of the year. It may affect their activity in the next and later year. The Flight Exhibision of Human-Powered Aircrafts will encourage the rejected teams to keep their motivation.

Another intention is to provide occasion of interaction while watching flyable HPAs or actual HPA parts. In JIBR, it is difficult for audiences to watch HPAs from close up it because HPAs in JIBR is surrounded by narvous participants to get ready for their flght in the serious competition. On the other hand, in the flight exhibision meeting participants can watch and even may touch HPAs.

This Flight Exhibition meeting is a tiny event but it is a meaningful event providing different value from bigger JIBR. The meeting will be supporting more growth of Japanese HPA scene.


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