Yomiuri TV is looking for participants of 40th Japan International Birdman Rally which will be held in July 2017!!

English version of TV program introduction of Japan International Birdman Rally

English version of TV program introduction of Japan International Birdman Rally
Source: http://www.ytv.co.jp/english/programs/index.php?g=g06&p=&pId=g06_19

Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation, which is governing body, announced that the 40 th Japan International Birdman Rally (JIBR) will be held in end of the next July. The 40 th JIBR will consist of “Distance by Glider category” and “Distance by human-powered propeller aircraft category”. Please note that the governing body has already decided to discontinue “Time trial by human-powered propeller aircraft category” which had been held in the last 10 competitions. According to official Facebook of the competition, the governing body would like various teams having different background to entry the competition. Ofcourse the “various teams” include a team consisting of non-Japanese people.

Additionally, Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation announced holding information sessions of the competition for persons wishing participate. The information sessions will be held in Osaka on 4 Feb, 2017 and in Tokyo on 5 Feb, 2017. If you want to participate the sessions, you need to submit your information by 31 Jan. The information should be include followings; 1. The place for the session you want to go, 2. Your team name, 3. Name of participant of the session (two people or less) 4. Your street address and 5. Your contact information. You can send the information by a postcard, FAX or E-mail.You will need rule book in the session. The rule book will sell at 500 yen in the place.

[UPDATED 28 Jan. 2016] Regarding those sessions, JIBR organizer also gives a welcome to brand-new teams who want to participate JIBR 2018 or later.

If you want more detail information, please visit the official JIBR website.

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