Announcement of entrants in Japan International Birdman Rally 2016

The organizer of Japan International Birdman Rally (JIBR) 2016 announced entrants and their flight orders on each category, which are the distance of gliders , the distance of human-powered propeller aircrafts and the time trial of human-powered propeller aircrafts. 36 entrants will fly away in the competition. They are 18 gliders, 6 time trial of HPAs and 12 distance of HPAs as many as last year.

In the first day, which is July 30, time trial of HPAs category will be started at 7:00 am. After the finish of the time trial, gliders will be started. In the second day, which is July 31, distance of HPAs category will be started at 6:30 am.

If you will go to see the JIBR by car, you should pay attention to a car park for spectators. In this year, a official free car park for spectors will be provided. The organizer also suggests that you go by a shuttle bus. The shuttle bus will run from platform No.5 at west exit of JR Hikone station.

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