39th Japan International Birdman Rally 2016 will take place on 30th and 31th July!

Taking off of

Taking off of “Iwatani clean energy team” ‘s glider from platform. “Iwatani” is a main sponsor of JIBR. The picture link to introduction of the team’s activity for the JIBR 2016 in Iwatani Corpoeration’s webpage which shows the original picture.

Organizer office of the Japan International Birdman Rally (JIBR) officially revealed dates of the Japanese birdman rally of this year.  According to the official announcement, the 39th JIRB will take place on 30th and 31th July 2016 at Matsubara beach, which it is on east shore of Lake Biwa, in Hikone city, Shiga.


Participants may officially be announced with their each flight order in mid-July.


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A brief overview of rules of recent Japan International Birdman Rally

In this year, the 39 th Japan International Birdman Rally (JIBR) will be held. The competition is one of birdman rallys held in around the world. However the Japanese birdman rally is almost serious competition of aeronautic and athletic. But you do not forget that  for organizer who is TV station the competition is a pure game show but is not educational, academic or engineering event although the participants try to fly very seriously. If you know rules of the competition, you would more enjoy watching the competition. So I try writing a overview of the JIBR rules for your convenience. Please note that the following rules is not official. There is no guarantee that the rules is exactly.

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