Japanese high school students made towing flight with their HPA.

Towing flight of High school students’ HPA belongiing Higashi Okayama Technical High School.

10 high school students who belong to mechanical department of Higashi Okayama Technical High School made successfully towing flight with their handmade human-powered airplane in front of presses on February 8, 2016. They flew the HPA two times on that day. The first flight was distance of 24 meters and maximum height of 20 centimeters. The second flight led to breaking their HPA. The first flight is the fourth successful flight and the longest flight for the school since 2001, when students of the school started HPA building and flight trial as graduation study.

Their HPA has aluminium tubular structure, strut and wire braced high wing monoplane, wing span of 24 meters, tractor-type 2 blades propeller of 3 meters diameter, length allover of 7 meters and empty weight of 50 kg. The HPA is the fifth machine of the school. The HPA tried towing flight and crashed 2 years ago. The HPA had been repaired and  modified in the last 2 years.

Like & Reference;
人力飛行機 飛行本番(機械科) « 岡山県立東岡山工業高等学校:  Human-powered airplane flight (Mechanical department) <<Higashi Okayama Technical High School  (Google transrated link – English)

過去最高24メートル、人力飛行機飛ばしたぞ 東岡山工業高の生徒ら😦Google transrated link – English)

poor English better than Japanese – thank you


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