A challenge to Post-Daedalus style

Many HPA builders may have imagined new generation of HPA style which may replace Daedalus-look HPAs, which means “conventional configuration, boom fuselage and hanged cockpit pod” style. Modern HPA style mainly have been established by MIT team (Monarch A/B and Daedalus), MacCready team (Bionicbat), Rochelt team (Musculair 1/2),Max Horlacher team (Pelargos serise) … and many their followers. The modern HPA style is about 30 years old.  I think that HPA builders should not stop challenges to build more efficient HPA which can achieve new records and can fly easily for many people to fun HPA.

The “TUMPA/Tokai University Man Power Aircraft” HPA club at Tokai university have built HPA for about 30 years and have challenged to one of non-Daedalus-look HPA for three years. Their HPA have direct drive system and retractable landing gear.  The drive system is conposed of only one gear box and propeller shaft. It is expected of higher efficiency by less number of component parts. The retractable landing gear is expected of less drag in flying.

In above video, landing gear is not retractable type because the flight is in test flight ,which the HPA flew in low altitude.

Last year, the team participated in Time trial with HPA division in the Japan International Birdman Rally. Their HPA took off smoothly and flew. The HPA including its drive system and retractable landing gear looked good work.But the HPA got large drag of spoilers which were opened by trouble of control system on the way. Then the HPA splashed down water at least.

This year, the team is going to participate in the same competition. Please direct your attention to their challenge in the competition.

Link & References;

poor English better than Japanese – thank you


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