Fly to the next year

This article is intended to introduce “test flight” by Kyoto university birdman team Shooting Sters as one of recent Japanese HPA flights.

“Test flight” which is said by Japanese HPA builders means flight test. It may be not native english. But I use the words to introduce Japanese HPA phraseology.

The team have built HPA for long distance flight since 1988. Their private record is over 6 km (3.7 mi). Their HPAs have upright-style cockpit, tail pusher propeller and single wire braced CF tube spar wing. In other words these look like Musculair with Daedalus wing. Their HPA of this year’s model, which is named “Murakumo kai”, have achieved stability flight over 360 meters and 375 meters on 2 and 3 May. I think that the HPA can fly more long distance because these flight distances were limited by conditions of runway according to the team’s comment. In this flight this HPA did not have cockpit fairing. It means that the HPA was incompletion. However this HPA will not be completion. Unfortunately, this team was rejected in applicant screening of Japan International Birdman Rally 2015. Therefor the team have already decided to terminate this year’s project and to switch core members in order to aim at participation in JIBR 2016.

Like & Reference;

kubtssshootingstars – YouTube : Youtube channel of Kyoto university birdman team ShootingStars

poor Einglish is better than Japanese


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