Now Calling for Participants in Japan International Birdman Rally 2015!!


The organizer is calling for participants in the Japanese birdman rally held in next July. You shall submit application form and some documents about your machine if you would like to participate the japanese competition. Detail of the calling has been announced in the official website. Additionally, you must design your machine according to official rule book, which can be bought from the organizer by your requirement with enclosed 500 yen postal stamp. Unfortunately, all of explain in the website and rule book is written in Japanese. So followings are my summary and my comments of the application for your convenience. But it may be inaccurate and misleading information, even though I hope it’s accurate. If you seriously apply for the competition, please refer to the official website and ask the organizer about your questions.

1. Application form (It must be postmarked by the deadline, Feb. 21, 2015)
The application form can be gotten from link “ダウンロード”, which means “Download”, in the official website. To fill your application form is the first step of the competition. The application form looks like Japanese style resume. So you need to fill not only your personal information but also your motivation, differences with other teams and PR of your team, your machine and your pilot.

2. Drawing and specification of your machine (It must be postmarked by the deadline, Feb. 28, 2015)
The documents explain your machine. The documents must be constructed as following three documents. It is most important to show that your machine is safety.

2.1. Three view drawing on scale of 1/25 (A0 paper or smaller)
This document shows three view of your machine. You should show major dimensions and specification of your machine (e.g. the center of gravity, machine weight) in the drawing. You also should show pilot position and machine attitude in standby condition, in departure condition and in flight condition. If your machine have unique configuration and you need bigger than A0 paper to show your machine, you can draw on bigger paper than A0.

2.2. Detail parts specification of structure/materials (3 pieces or less of A3 paper)
The documents are intended to show safety of your machine. One of the safety is structural safety, especially each joint of parts (wing-wing, wing-fuselage, fuselage-tail boom etc…). Other one is pilot protection. For example, it is a method of escape after flight on the water and it is protective parts in the cockpit. Of course, they are not all of requirements about pilot protection. Other is how to avoid obstacles or forbidden areas. If your machine have control system, you shall also show control system.

2.3. Design concept sheet (2 pieces or less of A4 paper)
Design concept sheet shows concepts and characteristics of your machine. The contents of this sheet is free description regarding your machine. You may assume that a very good highly technical machine will be selected in the competition. However, it is actually less advantage. Instead you should regard that screening of the competition is closer to audition of game show on TV, it is actual essence of the competition. So you should appeal to selector of the TV show via this sheet.
If your documents accepted, you will receive the result of the screening around april if it is same as in the past. I hope your win in fight with the documents and screening.


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