New HPA exhibited in 3M Sendai Science Museum

Human-powered aircraft built by team

Human-powered aircraft built by team “Windnauts”, which is HPA club in Tohoku university, is exhibited in 3M Sendai Science Museum.
[Photo by Contri – License: cc-by-sa-2.0]

A new Human-powered Aircraft (HPA) have been exhibited in 3M Sendai Science Museum located in Sendai city, Miyagi, Japan since Nov. 29,2014. The aeroplane is the fifth HPA, four aeroplanes and one helicopter, which is permanent exhibited in Japanese museums.
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The next japanese birdman rally plan announced.

A plan of the next Japan International Birdman Rally (JIBR) was announced by Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation, who is organiser of the competition. The 38th JIBR 2015 will be held in end of the next july. The competition have three division, which are a division of distance of gliders, distance of human-powered machines by propeller and time trial of human-powered machines by propeller as same as the former competition. Prior to submission of entry applications, the organiser will hold information meetings of the competition on Jan 24 in osaka and on Jan 25 in tokyo. If you want to participate the meetings, you need to submit some your information by Jan 20 (for details, see the official website (in Japanese)).

Because of locational and language problem, I guess that it is not realistic for most of non-Japanese people, who particularly from non-east asian country, to participate the  competitions. Even so, I suggest you participate the meetings if you want to try to participate the next or future competition.

I try to give you a brief information of the JIBR when you are unfamiliar with the competition. The Japan International Birdman Rally is one of birdman rally held in around the world.  The JIBR is very serious technical, engineering and athletic competition of HPAs and very lightweight gliders for competitors in spite of originally funny game show. In fact, distance of the record by HPA is 36 km (22.37 mi), which is almost same as record of the famous Gossamer Albatross won the 100,000 pound kremer channel crossing prize. If you would like to know Japanese HPAs, you should pay attention to the competition. Because most of Japanese HPAs are built to participate the competition.

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